An AI Keyboard and Chat App

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate our keyboard into your favorite apps and existing writing workflows.

Spell Centered Design

WizBoard is designed around the concept of prompt or Spells, which are AI-powered text transformation tools.

Personal Writing Assistant

Experience the convenience of having a personal writing assistant anywhere with an input box. From writing emails , analyzing documents to posting on social media and more.

Ultimate Productivity Tool

Boost your productivity by utilizing an army of AI-powered tools. The posibility is only limited by your imagination.

Awesome Spell Gallery

Access a vast library of awesome spells designed for unlimited number of scenarios such as translation, travel planning, and much more.

Advanced Spell Editing

Custom spell creation and editing with powerful features like Parameterization, Example Messages.

Multi-format Message Rendering

Suppports Markdown/Code Highlight/Inline LaTex rendering.

iCloud Sync

Sync your data across all your devices.

Various Subscriptions Plans

Pro, Family, and BYOK plans, with Free Trial for all.